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Product introduction

How to use a Manual Glass Cutter?

How to use a Manual Glass Cutter?

  • Thursday, 27 February 2020
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Use a ruler to fix the size. Hold down the ruler and use a glass knife to cut along the ruler. Note that you must use force and feel the sound of the glass surface breaking.

If it felt like it was silent. It must be that the strength has not arrived, and reschedule. After finishing the line,if  it has not been successful. Put the glass knife under the glass, place the glass against the table, and also place the glass cutter under the glass near the table. Wear gloves and pay attention to the scratches. Pay attention to safety. Hold the two sides of the mark, the average position of the edge of the glass, and press the palms of both hands at the same time, quickly, quickly, and not slowly, when you hear a snoring, immediately pull the force to prevent the two hands from pushing the separated glass to the table. The upper pressure caused the fracture and the work was finished. The glass was neat and beautiful. Finally, grinding the glass with a sanding cloth. Don't scratch your hands.

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