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Tips for using manual glass cutters

Tips for using manual glass cutters

  • Thursday, 27 February 2020
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Tips for using manual glass cutters

1. use a glass knife to cut 2-3mm thick flat glass

For cutting 2 to 3m thick flat glass, a 2mm × 12mm thin wooden ruler can be used. First measure the glass size, determine the cutting size on the ruler, and consider leaving a 3mm gap and a 2mm blade. When cutting, place the dimensioned side against the glass side. The glass knife is close to the other end of the ruler. Grasp the edge of the blade and draw it backwards, without light or heavy bending.


2. Use glass knife to cut 4-6mm thick glass

The method of cutting 4-6mm thick glass is roughly the same as the above, but because the glass is thicker, it must be held accurately and firmly when cutting, and the force is uniform. Another cutting method is to use a 4mm × 50mm ruler, and the glass knife is cut next to the ruler. When cutting, brush some kerosene in advance to make the cutout easy to pull off.


3.Use a glass knife to cut 5-6mm thick glass

The method of cutting 5-6mm thick glass is the same as cutting with 5mm × 40mm ruler. However, the large piece of glass has a large area and cannot be cut on the ground. Sometimes it is necessary to stand on the glass to cut. Before cutting, you must place a velvet cloth on the workbench to make the glass evenly pressed. The board should not be taken carelessly, and the whole glass should be broken.


4.Cut wired glass with a glass knife

The method of cutting wired glass is the same as that of 5-6mm flat glass, but the cutting surface of wired glass is uneven, and the cutting edge is easy to slip and difficult to grasp. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize the cutting edge, hold the blade firmly, and use more force than ordinary glass. It's also faster so that it doesn't bend or straighten. After cutting, hold the glass firmly with both hands and pull down firmly, the wire can be cut off, and then the wire is cut down with pliers to avoid scratching the palm during transportation.


5. cut embossed glass with a glass knife

Use a glass knife to cut the embossed glass with the embossed surface facing down. The cutting method is the same as that for wire-cut glass.

Cutting frosted glass with a manual glass cutter

Use a glass knife to cut frosted glass with the matte side down. The cutting method is the same as for flat glass.

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