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Cleaning steps for glass washing machine

Cleaning steps for glass washing machine

  • Thursday, 27 February 2020
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The glass cleaning machine uses an aluminum or cerium oxide aqueous solution as a polishing agent, and is added to the disc brush through the water spray pipe between the upper rollers to achieve the purpose of cleaning. So what are the steps for cleaning the glass washer? The following editors will introduce it to everyone.

I. Glass washing machine cleaning

1. Remove the glass washer plate, raise the upper roller of the washer, and turn off the power and water supply valve.

2, loosen the fixing bolts at both ends of the nozzle, and remove the nozzle.

3. Use a high-pressure water gun to drive pure water from the nozzle inlet into the nozzle to form water pressure. Observe the water output of each nozzle and use a paper clip to clear it.

4, clean the nozzle, install it back in place, tighten the bolts, and pay attention to the direction of the nozzle remains the same before removal.

2. Cleaning and adjustment of air knife drying area of ​​glass washer

The last water tank for cleaning is heated high-purity water, so the water stains attached to the surface of the original glass sheet can be blown away and evaporated by the high wind of the air knife after entering the drying area. The blade of the air knife is at an acute angle with the plane of the original glass. Every time you disassemble the air knife or change its position, pay attention to measure the angle and keep it unchanged.

1. Clean up glass debris, labels, paper jams and other dirt in the dry area, and wipe the parts such as the air knife and roller table with a clean cotton cloth to ensure cleanliness.

2. Remove the primary filter plate and secondary filter bag for the fan, blow out the dust inside with compressed air, check for damage or blockage, and replace it regularly.

3. Probe into the blade of the wind with a saw blade and check whether the glass cleaning machine is blocked by debris such as filter bag fibers.

The above is about the cleaning steps of glass washing machine. I hope it can help everyone.

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