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Operating rules of glass film laminating machine

Operating rules of glass film laminating machine

  • Thursday, 27 February 2020
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For the safety and explosion protection of glass and the installation and protection of glass during building construction, explosion-proof membranes and insulating glass protective film laminating machines have been specially developed. So what should be paid attention to when operating the glass film laminator? The editors will introduce it to everyone as the following.

1. Before starting, you must check whether the fastening bolts of the equipment are loose, and wipe down all the parts on the machine with thin water, and then adjust the glue again. No sundries should be stored on the work surface.

2. Close the main switch of the power supply, and check whether the start and stop of the host, the start and stop of gluing, the start and stop of rewinding, heating of the drying tunnel, the electrical switch of the power supply and the pointer of the meter are flexible, reliable, sensitive and correct. After the power is turned on, observe whether the equipment is operating normally and whether there are abnormal sounds and burnt smell.

3. After the machine is started, you must master the speed adjustment of the drum, the temperature control of the drum, and the temperature control of the drying tunnel. Strictly control the speed and temperature of the equipment.

4. After the equipment is started, it should run and try for 3 to 5 minutes, test a few pieces of film, and check the compliance with the requirements before mass production. Without the test film, no formal production is allowed.

5. Do the "first three inspections" consciously and often self-inspect the work quality of the workpiece. You cannot stick the film to the end in one self-test.

6. During operation, the hand can only be 30 cm away from the drum, and can not enter the dangerous place. It is strictly forbidden to operate, talk, or lose concentration. Clothes and long hair must be tied tightly.

7. When the work is completed or there is a malfunction or an abnormal situation, the machine must be stopped first and reported to the supervisor. Apply for repair and put on an inspection card. It is strictly forbidden to perform maintenance during operation;

8. Cut off the power switch and clean up the work site. The materials are stored in an orderly manner with safe passages.

The above are the precautions for the glass film laminating machine during operation. You must follow the procedures to prevent the operation errors from causing danger to yourself.

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