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  • Corner Connector Cutting Saw,aluminium profile cutting saw,window frame making machine,aluminium profile window door making

Precision Corner Connector Cutting Saw

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Precision Corner Connector Cutting Saw

     Features: Corner Connector Cutting Saw               

       ♦ It has features of easy operation reliable performance advanced technique and

     convenient maintenance.

       ♦ Used for cutting of the corner profiles for aluminum doors and windows.

       Only one time clamping,can achieve 6 meters corner section bar continuous


       The use of imported control system.Control system adopts the man-machine

       interface,high automation degree.

       The tool adopts hard alloy saw blade,motor power,high cutting speed,high

       productivity,high precision machining.

       Feed motion using linear motion bearing small movement resistance of high


       Feeding machanism of automatic feeding system is stable and reliable with high


       Work clamping,cutting and uses the pneumatic control system,convenient

       operation,safety and reliability ,high productivity.

     Technical Parameters:Corner Connector Cutting Saw

Power Supply:380V 50Hz

Cutting Motor Power:3kw

Motor Rotary Speed:2800r/min
Operation Air Pressure:0.5-0.8mpa

Auto-feeding Length:5-120mm

Blade Specification:Ø500*Ø30*4.4 mm

Cutting width*height:150*300

Outside Dimension:6300*1200*1400mm