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  • Plastic Profile Arch Window Bending Machine

Plastic Profile Arch Window Bending Machine

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Plastic Profile Arch Window Bending Machine

Production Name:Arch windows bending machine  


                      Used for the arc molding for the plastic windows and doors


                       It is special equipment for processing U-PVC arc doors and

                       windows. It is mainly included with curve forming worktable,

                       heating groove, forming strips and sheeting planks, etc

      Features:        It uses electrical heating to heat media oil, and then the media

                       oil translates heat to the profile filled with forming strips. Profiles  

                       can be bent on the worktable to form semicircle 500-1800mm in

                       diameter or arc of any radian. Forming strips can be provided 

                       according to different profile

                       This machine has the features of reliable performance, secure

                       operation and high efficiency etc.


     Technical Parameters:

Power Supply

380V 50Hz

Bending Diameter Scope


Heating Oil Tank Volume


Input Power


Heating Temperature


Contour Dimension