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  • Full-automatic glass cutting machine with Low-E Edge Deletion
  • Full-automatic glass cutting machine with Low-E Edge Deletion

Full-automatic glass cutting machine with Low-E Edge Deletion

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1. RQ-4228 Full-automatic glass cutting machine 1.1 Technical parameter: Max glass size: 4200*2800 Glass thickness: 3-19mm Gross weight: 2.5T 1.2 Cutting parameter: Linear parallelism: ≤±0.25mm/m The diagonal accuracy: ≤±0.30mm/m Cutting bridge speed: 0〜160m/min Cutting bridge acceleration: ≥ 3.0m/s² Cutting tool speed: ≥160m/min Cutting tool acceleration: ≥ 6.0m/s² Belt transmission speed: ≥ 40m/min Cutting head accuracy: ≤±0.2mm 1.3 Power: Power (installation): 380V/50HZ Installed power: 8KW Compressed air: 0.6Mpa 1.4 Equipment performance Equipment frame: guarantee accuracy and keep the shape. Cutting tool apron: cutting head can rotate 360 degree. Table top: HDF board Felt: imported felt, smooth and anti-static Cutting oil: pneumatic input oil automatically, cutting and oil synchronization Transfer system: Synchronized belt transfer automatically. 1.5 Mechanical parts: Table top: HDF Board Rack: KHK Transfer belt: Barbieri Cutting wheel: Germany Bohle 1.6 Electrical parts: Microsoft windows interface Voltage: 380V/50HZ, equipped with transformer. Motor: Japan YASKAWA servo motor Approach switch: SN Control card: Italy imported TECNOS (match with Italy OPTIMA SOFTWARE) Main electrical parts: Japan IDEC Relay, Schneider A. C. Contactor Air proportional valve: Japan SMC 1.7 Software Italy imported cutting and optimization software Optimization software can match with ERP system. Cutting position limitation Calculate capacity automatically More than two thousand cutting shape database. (Be easy to operate) Match with AUTO CAD drawing software. Optimization software can be used with cutting software directly. Automatic calibration function makes ensure cutting accuracy. Cutting route selection function makes ensure the best cutting speed. Adjust cutting pressure automatically, fast, accurate and steady. Adjust cutting pressure automatically when cutting different shape, to ensure cutting effect fast. Automatic origin position can be search and setting. Operation input: keyboard and mouse, English interface. Shape scan: different shape point to point scanning, and then transfer into CAD drawing. Optimization software: combine and order the cutting size casually, output the best cutting solution and improve cutting efficiency. Manual revise after optimization which improve the cutting utilization rate. Optimized pressure and speed: According to pattern, straight line, curve line, incurve and outcurve start point and end point;accelerative section and braking section, it can adjust the most suitable pressure and speed. Shape database: database is available for different kinds of shape. Shape optimization: change size, rotate, move and combine smoothly in the database. Operation interface: English interface, support many kinds of language. Drill position:it has drilling register system. Cutting head protection: mechanical protection function, avoid the possibility of crash. Shape cutting: cut straight line and slant line and any shape automatically. Transfer belt: motor drive belt directly and transfer the cutting glass into breaking machine. Travel protection: mechanical and electrical double protection, to protect maximum travel protection. Cutting pressure adjustment: Any cutting pressure adjustment can be adjusted by keyboard directly, no need manual operation. LOW-E Glass automatic edge deletion introduction Function: This system is mainly used to do low-e glass edge deletion Adopt Japan Yaskawa servo motor to drive the high speed rotated grinding disc and position the direction of the edge deletion, to ensure to reduce grinding disc vibration and make the shape glass edge deletion accuracy. Adopt AIRTEC pneumatic parts to control the lift of the Low-e edge deletion parts and the accurate edge deletion pressure, to ensure the fast speed and clean of this function. Adopt International standard size and technical standard grinding disc, hign efficiency, the abrasion resistance is twice than the normal grinding disc. Precisely processing, it do not harm to the glass surface and can ensure the shiny glass. Standard grinding disc thickness is 20mm and 25mm,the thickness can be customized according to the requirements of the clients. High pressure blower of suction device could suction the dust timely and avoid the secondary pollution and damage of the film of the low-e glass. Adopt automatic glass cutting control system, which could cut float glass to meet different requirements of the clients.