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  • Full Auto Laminated Glass Cutting Machine

Full Auto Laminated Glass Cutting Machine

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RQ-3826 Full Auto Laminated Glass Cutting Machine


A Product introduction


Our company research and development production SY-3826 type high precision twin-cutter semi-auto laminating glass cutting machine is widely applied in thick plate glass, laminated glass. The cutting equipment operation is convenient, reliable stability, cutting efficiency and high precision






National standard square pipe welding frame. Synchronous belt transmission system. PLC and imported electrical components, stepper motor, LCD display, man-machine interface, more convenient operation, stable performance. Cutting speed can be set directly. The cutting positions of the upper and lower cutter heads are consistent, the matching degree is high, and the breaking piece is easy.





1, The cutting positions of the upper and lower cutter heads are consistent


2, Upper cutter with broken wheel, automatically press the lower layer of glass;


3, When the next lever is broken, there is a pneumatic pressure to ensure the effect of breaking


Cutting precision≤±1mm


Diagonal accuracy≤±2mm/m


Max. Cutting size 2500×3660mmspecial size can be customized)


Min. Cutting size300mm


Cutting thickness416mm


Cutting efficiency1sheet/2—4min


Cutter life30,000m--50,000m


Operator12 people




CUse profile


set cutting size

loading glass on table

rotate the glass

start fan

remove glass to cutting position

stop fan

cutter remove to cutting positation

pneumatic mode control cutter down

cutter up after cutting

the lower pressure wheel starts the pressure glass

Lower beam move do breaking

starting heating rod

knife start cutting film

finish all processes



DHanding and installation notice


In the process of carring, please gently handle and avoid collision,When installing can use level correction and adjust the four feet adjustable bracket so that the desktop level