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  • Automatic Horizontal Double Glass Coating Machine

Automatic Horizontal Double Glass Coating Machine

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Automatic Horizontal Double Glass Coating Machine


This machine is an upgraded product of the two-component coating machine for double glass making. The machine head can coat the double glass with straight line automatically,to realize automatic coating glue of the machine, which improves work efficiency and saves manpower.


This machine is used to make double glazing glass equipment for hollow glass second sealing. It is easy to operate and requires no skilled workers. It will be used in a straight line motion to achieve automatic glueing of the machine. It only needs to manually rotate the glass. It can be used with machine glue, PLC automatic control system, touch screen operation, vacuum positioning, automatic edge finding, and precise adjustment of glue amount and transmission speed according to aluminum strip height and glue thickness. It has the advantages of stable rubber coating, quick and convenient glue application and saving manpower!





380V/220V 50Hz

Air source


Gluing speed


Maximum processing specification

2500*2500mm (can be customized according to customer's actual requirements)

Minimum processing specification